Award to Chiesi Hellas for its contribution to the 'Social Clinic'

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Date: 29/02/2016

An event was held on Monday 22 February 2016, marking the completion of 4 years of operation of the Social Clinic, in the Great Room of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


The event included the review of the work of the Social Clinic, the Athens Medical Association and the “Mission” of the Archdiocese of Athens. Four years of assistance and solidarity to the public closed, with the review showing 40,000 medical visits, with 100 patients per day and the donation of 300-500 drugs per day.


Chiesi Hellas was recognized for supporting the work of the “MISSION” and received Honorable Mention for its contribution. The need for medicines and medical care for people who don’t have access is constantly increasing. The economic recession in our country and the increased flow of immigrants due to global developments exacerbate this need in which we all need to contribute to aid and assistance.


Chiesi Hellas will continue to support each such initiative, with consistency to society, with respect for human beings and human values. Socially sensitive is always listening to the social reality and will continue, wherever it may, to pursue the defense of Health.