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Products and patients

With the theme "Products and patients" we refer to two dimensions closely related to each other: the final result of the company's production processes, namely our products, and the people who benefit from it. Our product lines are an expression of our mission, to improve the quality of life of patients, who are our main stakeholders. Their centrality wants to be the hallmark of our approach.



Products and patients are two elements that are closely linked: the final result of the company’s production processes, i.e. our products, and the people who benefit from them. Our product lines are the fruit of our mission, improving the quality of life of patients, our main stakeholders. Patients as a central focus is key to our approach.


Our commitment in this field generates two main benefits:

  • improving patients’ health;
  • promoting Research & Development and making a significant contribution to scientific progress.


Chiesi operates in four main therapeutic areas:



At Chiesi, Research & Development (R&D) is at the heart of our business and the driving force behind the company. Innovation forms part of our DNA and our mission is to find new therapeutic solutions. We invest in R&D as we consider it key to our success and the fulfilment of our mission. In 2019 we dedicated 19% of our turnover to expenditures in Research & Development, placing us top among Italian pharmaceutical companies, second among Italian manufacturers and fourteenth among European pharmaceutical companies for investment in research.


Making patients a central focus is not simply a statement. It means finding new ways to ensure the entire Research & Development process is guided by their needs: looking at things from the patient’s point of view, understanding their needs and gathering their feedback to adapt effective therapeutic solutions to suit their needs. This essentially means revolutionising the traditional drug development model.


Since 2019 we have redoubled our efforts to involve and communicate more effectively with patients, caregivers and other stakeholders from healthcare sectors. This includes setting up a joint collaboration with EUPATI (the European Academia of Patients), an important association of European patients, so as to gain a better understanding of this group, its objectives and the activities it runs.


We are also working to promote health as a fundamental right and are making treatment accessible to all those in difficult circumstances or who cannot easily access therapies. To this end, we work closely with associations within the sector worldwide and promote early access programmes for our drugs in the development phase, in particular those for rare or ultra-rare conditions and those without available alternative treatments.


To find out more about our commitment to patients