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Date: 27/02/2014

Major support was offered to the Social Clinic and many collaborating Social Pharmacies by the Pharmaceutical Company CHIESI with the donation of 18,260 pieces of expectorant - mucolytic formulations.


2,000 formulations were delivered for the needs of the Social Clinic and its branches, while the rest were given to the following:


the Medical Association of Patras, the Social Pharmacy of the Athens Municipality, PRAKSIS to the Doctors of the World - Greek branch, to the SMILE OF THE CHILD, to the Association for the Protection of Children, to the association AGIOI ANARGYROI PARENTS AND GUARDIANS OF MENTALLY DISABLED INDIVIDUALS-MODEL SPECIAL BOARDINGHOUSE, to the Chatzikyriakio Foundation for Child Protection, to the “THEOFILOS” SOCIAL CARE NGO, to the Social Work Foundation “Chatzipaterio”, to the Special Individuals Center “XARA”,  to Group for UNESCO Prefecture of Piraeus and the Islands, to the Panhellenic Association for the Assistance and Support of Quadriplegic Abused Children “The Tear and Joy of the Child”, to the Public Legal Entity SOCIAL ORGANIZATION MUNICIPALITY PATRAS, to the MUNICIPALITY OF IGOUMENITSA, the ASSOCIATION OF PARENTS, GUARDIANS AND FRIENDS OF AUTISTIC INDIVIDUALS “AGIOS NIKOLAOS”, to the REGIONAL SELF GOVERNMENT OF EPIRUS, to the ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE SOCIAL SOLIDARITY NETWORK OF MEDICAL CLINICS OF MESSINIA, to the DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC HEALDH AND SOCIAL SERVICES MUNICIPALITY OF PIRAEUS, to the Social Welfare Centers, Care and Preschool Education Municipality of Thermi, to the SOCIAL CLINIC PHARMACY OF ATHENS, to the Social Service Municipality of Agia Paraskevi, to the CHRONIC DISEASES TREATMENT CENTER OF THESSALONIKI “AGIOS PANTELEIMONAS”, to the SOCIAL PHARMACY OF ALIMOS, to the SOCIAL PHARMACY OF ILIOUPOLIS, to the SOCIAL PHARMACY OF HERAKLION, to the ARK OF THE WORLD, to the SPECIAL CARE AND PROTECTION OF MOTHERS AND CHILDREN, to the Health Center of Lavrion, to the SOCIAL CLINIC-SOLIDARITY PHARMACY OF CHANIA, to the Metropolitan Social Clinic of Ellinikon, to the SENIOR CITIZENS CARE UNIT-KONSTANTOPOULEIOS HOME FOR THE AGED & CHRONIC DISEASES “APOSTOLOS ANDREAS”.


The President of the Medical Association of Athens Mr Patoulis said: “We are very pleased and honored to accept this donation, as an expression of solidarity from the Pharmaceutical Company CHIESI HELLAS. We thank them. We believe that the cooperation of the Social Clinic with the Social Bank of the SFEE, within the context of which is this donation will be the guiding light for the pharmaceutical treatment of thousands of suffering uninsured citizens”.


For his part, the Director of the Mission of the Archdiocese of Athens Mr. Dimtsas noted: “We welcome this initiative of CHIESI and any other similar that relieves human suffering. Commandment of His Beatitude Archbishop Ieronymos II is for no one to be without food, medical care and medicine. And there are many thousands of uninsured patients living below the poverty line. This is why we will offer everything we can to be present with continuity and consistency”.


The CEO of Chiesi Hellas, Mr. Stavros Theodorakis said: “Being aware of the efforts of the ISA and the Archdiocese of Athens to offer access to basic pharmaceutical formulations to the poor and unemployed fellow citizens, our company actively participates with the donation of large quantities of our formulations. In this effort of ours we were assisted by the company Unilog and personally the president of the company Mr. Stelios Linardakis, distributed the medicines all over Greece”.  


The Social Clinic gives approximately 3,000 medicines per day to poor uninsured citizens, complying with all required conditions of temperature and humidity in the preservation, storage and final distribution of the medicines, prior to their expiration date.